6 Custom Audiences You MUST have in Facebook Ads Manager

Key Takeaways

  • The essential custom audiences are website visitors, customer list, video views, lead form openers, Instagram engagement and Facebook engagement.
  • The purpose of custom audiences is to create cold lookalike audiences that fit your ideal customer profile, and to remarket to warm audiences who have already engaged with your business.
  • Setting up is simple. In Ad Manager, find “Audiences” on the left of your screen and “Create Audience”.
  • You’ll want to create custom audiences before putting together a lookalike audience, this is because lookalike audiences use custom audiences as a source of data.
  • Set your custom audiences to collect data from the maximum number of days – usually 90, 180 or 365 days.
  • Make sure you have a compelling offer for both cold and warm audiences.
  • Despite some objection, using ‘Your Sources’ is still a valid way to collect and use data for your advertising strategy.
  • Seek further help by ether using our marketing services or joining our exclusive marketing group.

These 6 custom audiences allow you to create cold lookalike audiences as well as remarket to a warm audience that has engaged with your business. This means you’re able to advertise to people who fit a similar profile to your past clients, or push warms leads into hot sales!

In this blog we’re going to look at what the essential custom audiences are, why you should be using them, and how to set them up in Ads Manager.

So what are the 6 essential custom audiences that The Lead Source recommends?

  • Website visitors
  • Customer lists
  • Video viewers
  • Lead form openers
  • Instagram engagement
  • Facebook engagement
Facebook Ads Manager Custom Audience options

How to set up Custom Audiences

To set them up, head over to Ads Manager, find Audiences on the left and click the blue button that says “Create Audience.” Choose “Custom audience” rather than “Lookalike audience,” and then go through the sources we’ve listed above making sure you set the number of days to the maximum possible.


Cold Lookalike Audiences

You’ll want to create all your audiences first before creating a lookalike audience, this is because they require a source to make them. For example, if you want a lookalike audience for cake smash campaigns, you’ll want to make a custom audience from a list of past clients who booked a cake smash experience.

Most family photographers will serve a localised area meaning their potential audience is naturally very limited. Because of this, when you create a lookalike audience you should select the entire country as your location and an audience of 10%. When it comes to using this lookalike audience you would then select your local area in the Ad Set level.

ten percent lookalike audience

Whilst lookalike audiences are cold, they are based on existing data which means Facebook will serve your ads to those that fit a similar customer profile to those who have already bought from you.


Using this data for warm campaigns

You can use all of the 6 sources of data to create an ad set that remarkets to a warm audience. All of these sources are of people who have interacted with your business so make sure you have a compelling offer to bring them back.

Think carefully about what they have engaged with previously and which pages they’ve visited. For example, you can select those that viewed your cake smash videos on Facebook and Instagram, and those that visited your cake smash landing page but you wouldn’t want to retarget these people with a pet photography service.


Website Visitors 

Website visitors are one of the most valuable forms of data that any business can collect. In order to do this you will need to set up your Facebook Pixel. This will allow Facebook to track visitors to your website.

You can further separate this data into the pages that were visited, allowing you to remarket specific campaigns.


Customer Lists

Customer lists can include your newsletter signups or lists of past customers. Those that have signed up are generally warm leads so remarketing to your lists is essential. Make sure that you have a compelling enough offer to get them over the line.

Past customer lists can be used for a number of reasons.

  1. Remarket upselling opportunities
  2. Create lookalike audiences
  3. Exclude them in ad sets to ensure they won’t see your ad


Video Viewers

Some of the warmest audiences come from those who have engaged with your content and the best way to capture recent engagement is to create a custom audience of those who have viewed your videos on both Facebook and Instagram.

If you aren’t creating videos, now is the time to start. This isn’t just videos created for ads but also posts on your page – for example, a short 15 second video of a photoshoot. We’d recommend collecting an audience of those that have watched 25% of a video as this shows more interest.


Lead Form Openers

Many of our ad strategies use lead forms and whilst we hope that most people will open and submit the forms, there will always be a larger portion of people who open and don’t submit.

We won’t discuss why they didn’t submit in this blog however, these people are still considered warm and we should be collecting these people into a custom audience and remarketing to them.


Instagram and Facebook Engagement

These two are set up separately within custom audiences but they are the same. You’ll want to collect an audience of people who have engaged with your pages over the last 365 days. 365 days might sound like a long time, but that’s exactly why we need to do this, to get those people back and buying!


A Common Objection

These 6 custom audience types are split amongst two categories. Your Sources and Meta Sources. Your Sources being website traffic and customer lists, whilst the others fall under Meta Sources.

Ever since IOS14 messed up Facebook Advertising there has been an objection that Your Sources have not been working. Now, this is in parts true because Facebook has to match up names, emails, phone numbers and other bits of data that is now harder for them to access. However, it is still necessary and working.

We are huge believers in content and that goes for organic and paid methods of marketing your. Therefore, making use of the Meta Sources should be an essential part of your advertising strategy.

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