How to utilise Networking to build your photography business

Networking can be an invaluable marketing tool for professional photographers looking to expand their reach, build meaningful connections, and thrive in a competitive industry. Though networking can be a method of lead generation, it requires patience and time. Let’s explore the significance of networking, how photographers can find relevant business networks, and the keys to effective networking, along […]

Best on-page SEO practices for Professional Photographers

Use the helpful links below to skip to the marketing subjects you’re most interested in. Keywords Image Optimisation Page Titles Meta Descriptions Headings Internal Linking Key Highlights Keywords are words that are relevant to your industry. Keyphrases are search queries relevant to your industry. You can optimise your content around keywords and keyphrases Use Google […]

The best ways to market your photography business in 2024

Use the helpful links below to skip to the marketing subjects you’re most interested in. Facebook (meta) Advertising Search Engine Optimisation Google Ads Social Media Email Marketing Networking Key Highlights Consider whether to handle marketing internally or hire external help. Prioritise tasks that offer the best return for the smallest effort. Identify the 20% of […]

The 2 most fundamental parts to a Photographer’s Facebook Ads campaign

It doesn’t matter how many campaigns you try, if you’re a studio or family photographer that’s running Facebook Ad campaigns, and you aren’t getting these 2 fundamental things right, then your campaigns are likely to disappoint you. Paid Advertising is a crucial part to a photographer’s marketing strategy. Your industry isn’t the most widely searched […]

Getting local leads with Facebook Advertising – Best practices

Most marketers online jump straight into showing off the millions they’ve made from Facebook Advertising. Sometimes it’s hard to believe but they likely aren’t lying. What they are doing is completely different to you, however. They will probably be selling a product that appeals to a wide audience across the globe. So what about you? […]

How to test Ad creatives in Facebook Ads Manager with a limited budget

Marketing isn’t as straightforward as spending money and getting a return. It will take time to find something that works but, even then, algorithms are always changing. You may have heard the term A/B or Split Testing. This is when an equal amount of ad budget is spent on two different variations of the same […]

6 Custom Audiences You MUST have in Facebook Ads Manager

Key Takeaways The essential custom audiences are website visitors, customer list, video views, lead form openers, Instagram engagement and Facebook engagement. The purpose of custom audiences is to create cold lookalike audiences that fit your ideal customer profile, and to remarket to warm audiences who have already engaged with your business. Setting up is simple. […]

Content Management Systems for Photographers: Which one should you use?

Are you a photographer in the business of photography and eager to showcase your work to the world and get more clients? Having a captivating online presence is vital for success in the photography industry. But where do you start? You should start with your CMS. This is your gateway to building a stunning and […]

Speeding Up Your Photography Website for SEO

In today’s digital era, professional photographers showcase their artistry and skills through their online portfolios, making websites an indispensable tool for their success. However, there’s one pressing issue that plagues the websites of many professional photographers: slow loading speeds. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of a fast website for SEO and discuss effective […]