What’s the difference between Original Audience and Advantage+ Audience?

If you’re creating your Ad campaigns within Facebook Ads Manager you’ll know that your audience settings are found within the Ad Set level. A few months ago you may have noticed that the default for your audience settings changed to something known as “Advantage+ Audience,” but what is this, how should you use it and […]

Knowing your numbers as a Portrait Photographer

Knowing your numbers in any business is important. But what do we mean by numbers? Which numbers should you be looking out for and keeping track of? How will knowing your numbers help your business to grow? In this article, we have all the answers to these questions. What numbers do you need to know? […]

The best way for a studio photographer to manage their leads

Are you a Professional or Studio Photographer generating lots of leads and sending them all to your CRM system? If your conversion rate is good, let’s say around 20%, then you’re filling your precious system with 80% bad leads! In this article we’re going to go over why separating good and bad leads is good […]

What’s happening to Cookies in 2024 and is it the end of Facebook Ads?

You’ve probably heard of cookies before. If not in a marketing context, then you will no doubt have accepted or rejected them on most websites you visit. A few years ago, Google announced that they would fizzle out the use of third-party cookies within Google Chrome browsers. The latest evidence suggests this is likely to […]

How to convert more leads into bookings for your photography business

This blog contains affiliate links. This means we may receive a small commission from this link. What’s the first thing you do when a new lead comes into your business?  Do you email them?  Call them?  How long do you leave it before you reach out to them? Ideally, it should be as quickly as […]

The best ways to market your photography business in 2024

Use the helpful links below to skip to the marketing subjects you’re most interested in. Facebook (meta) Advertising Search Engine Optimisation Google Ads Social Media Email Marketing Networking Key Highlights Consider whether to handle marketing internally or hire external help. Prioritise tasks that offer the best return for the smallest effort. Identify the 20% of […]