What’s happening to Cookies in 2024 and is it the end of Facebook Ads?

You’ve probably heard of cookies before. If not in a marketing context, then you will no doubt have accepted or rejected them on most websites you visit. A few years ago, Google announced that they would fizzle out the use of third-party cookies within Google Chrome browsers. The latest evidence suggests this is likely to […]

Changes to SEO: predictions for 2024

The Introduction of Google SGE 2023 saw Google announce their next generation of search engine – the AI lead Google SGE (Search Generative Experience). This put a few of us SEO nerds into a bit of worry, however, we no longer think SGE is going to destroy the need for SEO.  Image: https://blog.google/products/search/generative-ai-search/ What is […]

Best on-page SEO practices for Professional Photographers

Use the helpful links below to skip to the marketing subjects you’re most interested in. Keywords Image Optimisation Page Titles Meta Descriptions Headings Internal Linking Key Highlights Keywords are words that are relevant to your industry. Keyphrases are search queries relevant to your industry. You can optimise your content around keywords and keyphrases Use Google […]

Speeding Up Your Photography Website for SEO

In today’s digital era, professional photographers showcase their artistry and skills through their online portfolios, making websites an indispensable tool for their success. However, there’s one pressing issue that plagues the websites of many professional photographers: slow loading speeds. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of a fast website for SEO and discuss effective […]