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Free Marketing Strategy Planning Session

Welcome to The Lead Source. We provide so much more than just Paid and Organic Marketing for Professional Photographers.

We support and nurture our clients’ studios into becoming the photography business they’ve always wanted.

It all starts with a plan. A FREE plan! Book some time with us to produce a strategy to grow your studio and finally work towards your dream lifestyle.

Who is this for?

We provide our services to Professional and Studio Photographers in the UK and US.

If you shoot any of the following, then we can help you – Newborn,  Baby, Cake Smash, Family, Pet, Boudoir.

Do you identify with any of the following pains?

Poor Ad results

Cold outreach plays a huge part in a studio’s marketing so it’s vital to get your Ad marketing right. We know how your ideal clients think and what attracts them to your business.

Low booking rates

We aim for a 20% lead-to-booking rate. We know how to qualify leads and have the processes and scripts to nurture them into becoming a booking.

Lack of direction

We work with solo photographers, partnerships, and large studios but our business coach helps all types of photographers realise the type of business they want to build.

No time to market

You want to spend your time shooting more portraits. Making Ad content, learning methods, and keeping up with algorithms eat into your time and often creates an inconsistent flow of leads.

Low customer spends

Have you got the advantage in the salesroom? Increasing your average customer spend allows you to build a sustainable marketing model and fills your pockets.

Losing motivation

The pains and failures of running a business can simply be exhausting mentally and physically – believe us, we know the feeling. Once again, our business coach is on hand to support you.

What will we cover?

Marketing is a broad subject and many photographers are only taught a single “working formula.” We’ll cover all areas of marketing in your Free Strategy Sesion.

Your current process

For us to truly help we need to understand what you’re doing and what you’ve been trying.

Plug the gaps

With our wide marketing knowledge we know all kinds of strategies and platforms to address any of your problems.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are likely to be the bulk of your strategy. When campaigns are set up correctly, the returns can be larger than most industries.

Know your numbers

To sustainably grow your business you MUST know your numbers. We’ll help you work these out and find areas to improve them.

Identify the problems

We’ll pick through your process and see if we can find areas that might be having a negative impact.

Plan for success

We like to understand why you do what you do. This motivates us both, to find the best ways to build your dream photography business.


SEO is an ignored area of marketing within the photography industry. Discover what it takes to rise up in Google.

Convert more leads

We can teach you how to market but at the of the day, if you can’t convert then you won’t see improvement. We’ll cover some strategies in your session.

Sound good so far?

Free Marketing Strategy Planning Session

If you are fed up with trying to do it yourself without direction, then your strategy planning session is going to give you the boost of enthusiasm you need to move forward. Complete our form and we’ll be in touch to book you in.

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Meet your marketers

Our small team allows us to deliver a very personal service. Our range of skills means you’ll have a varied, powerful and sustainable marketing plan.

Rob Grover

Facebook Ads

Email Automation

CRM Management

Dan Grover

SEO Specialist

Content Creator

Web Design

Wayne Williams

Business Coach

Sales Trainer

Studio Photographer

Paid Ad results

Here are some of the amazing results we get for our campaigns. Some aren’t as impressive as others, but all of them provide the healthy returns needed to build a viable business.

All calculations are based on a 20% lead-to-booking conversion rate, however, estimated returns are based on each individual client’s average customer spend.

Real example #1 - January 2024

Campaign Type: Maternity

142 leads

Cost-per-lead: £1.45

Total campaign cost: £206.43

28 bookings

Estimated Return: £42,000

Real example #2 - July 2023

screenshot of lead generation ad for portrait photography studio

Campaign Type: Maternity / Bump

92 leads

Cost-per-lead: £13.75

Total campaign cost: £1,265.44

18 bookings

Estimated Return: £14,400

Real example #3 - October 2023

Facebook Ad lead generation campaign for a portrait photographer

Campaign Type: Dog Portraits

195 leads

Cost-per-lead: £4.20

Total campaign cost: £818.57

39 bookings

Estimated Return: £78,000 (yes, you read that right!)

and more...

Real example #4 - November 2023

Boudoir photography lead generation campaign results

Campaign Type: Boudoir

35 leads

Cost-per-lead: £6.67

Total campaign cost: £233.39

7 bookings

Estimated Return: £5,600

Real example #5 - November 2023

Pet portrait facebook ad lead generation results

Campaign Type: Dog Portraits

124 leads

Cost-per-lead: £5.30

Total campaign cost: £657.25

25 bookings

Estimated Return: £19,840

Real example #6 - November 2023

Multiple lead generation campaigns for a newborn and baby photographer

Campaign Type: Newborn and Baby

164 leads

Average cost-per-lead: £9.72

Total campaign cost: £1,595.31

33 bookings

Estimated Return: £49,200

Personal updates

We love it when a client gets in touch over the weekend to share their excitement!

A monthly update

Filling the months ahead with bookings! 📅

WhatsApp screenshot from a photography studio client

A record sale!

Another huge sales from a single lead, and from their first campaign! 🥳

First sale!

This was just the first sale from their first campaign! 💰

Kind words

We thrive off positive feedback! 😄

A sense of direction. The possibility to stop wasting time and money on marketing. A flourish photography business capturing more memories for incredible people. Sounds good doesn’t it?

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