How to convert more leads into bookings for your photography business

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What’s the first thing you do when a new lead comes into your business? 

Do you email them? 

Call them? 

How long do you leave it before you reach out to them?

Ideally, it should be as quickly as you can to avoid them going elsewhere. Sometimes it isn’t that simple and there’s nothing more frustrating than losing a lead purely based on time.

So, in this blog, we’re going to introduce you to an awesome platform that will help you reach out to leads no matter where you are or what you’re doing. As a bonus, this tool is going to make your outreach much more personal which will only improve your booking rates.

Introducing Bonjoro!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Bonjoro!

Bonjoro is a Video Engagement Platform that allows you to send personal videos, in the format of an email, to contacts using either desktop or mobile devices. The system also shows you whether someone has opened, watched, liked, clicked, and replied to your video.


How does Bonjoro fit into a professional photographer’s sales funnel?

We recommend using Bonjoro as a part of your first contact with your leads. Portrait and studio photographers provide an experience, and the most positive experiences are those with a personal touch. By using Bonjoro you’re able to show your friendly face to your leads early on in your process.

Using Bonjoro is especially good if you run a lot of competitions. These are regarded as the coldest form of leads. Yes, they registered an interest in winning, however, these leads can be more fragile to turn into bookings.

Keep reading because in a moment we’ll talk about what your video should include.


One way a portrait photographer can use Bonjoro to contact new leads

We’ve already mentioned we recommend using Bonjoro as your first point of contact. This doesn’t have to include asking them pre-consultation questions, it’s more about showing your face and letting them know you’ll be in contact soon to learn more about them. So here’s the recommended process.

Ad > New Lead > Bonjoro Video > Pre-consultation

As you can see this is just one additional step that doesn’t cause any delay to the process, but adds a personal touch to your experience.

A large number of leads drop off because they aren’t contacted soon enough. That isn’t always your fault but by using the Bonjoro app you can very quickly open it up and make a quick recording regardless of where you are.


How to use Bonjoro on mobile

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide of what to do as soon as you see a new lead comes through.

  1. Open your Bonjoro app.
  2. Click the yellow “+” button at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Fill in their email address and click the green “Record” button in the top right.
  4. Press the record button.
  5. When you’ve finished you can review your message and send it.

Once you’ve sent your message you can check the “Results” tab on the home screen to see whether they have opened your email and watched the video.

What should you say in your video?

Honestly, it’s really up to you but experiment. Start with something like this… 

“Hi [first name], my name’s Rob. Thank you so much for your interest in our portrait session. This is just a friendly hello and just to say you’ll be getting a call from me later today.”

If they left you a message in their application, you could also acknowledge their comment to show you are interested in them.


What should you do after you send your Bonjoro video?

Regardless of whether they open it or not, continue doing what you normally would. If you normally carry out pre-qualifying calls, or pre-consultations then keep doing that. 

Bonjoro is not a replacement for any of your steps, instead, it’s a tool to increase the likelihood that your lead is going to answer the phone when you call, but also become a booking.


Finishing thoughts…

Providing an incredible experience for your clients is vital for your success. Happy customers will return to you, refer a friend, or at the very least leave you a great testimonial.

But the experience doesn’t begin when they step into your studio for the first time. It starts as soon as they become a lead.

By introducing Bonjoro to your process you’re able to make the coldest stage in your sales process, just that little bit warmer.

So, do more bookings sound good to you? Do happier customers sound great too?

You can try Bonjoro for free today! Just click here.