Marketing Solutions For Studio Photographers

Some might tell you they have a working formula, but what happens when that stops working – if it works for you in the first place?

We often start the process in the same way for our clients but there are so many variables that means a single solution often doesn’t work.

We’ve got the expertise to build you a solid marketing solution that’s sustainable and produces epic returns.

Below are the services we provide. You might only do some, or you might need all of them, but either way, we’re dedicated to finding and managing the solution that works for you.

Our services

Every studio is different so our services vary between our photographers. Here’s what we can do. We may do all of these or some.

Website design

Bespoke designs and efficiently built.

Search engine optimisation

Getting you found in search engine results.

Email automation

Save time and capture leads faster.

Business Coaching

Be coached by a person who’s been there and done it.

Facebook Ads

We design, write, schedule and manage your Ads.

Lead management

A simple way to manage your leads.

Graphic design

Branding, social media posts, brochures.

Sales Training

Convert more leads to bookings and make bigger sales.

The costs involved

It’s important that your marketing package can be scaled so you can build the photography business you’ve been dreaming of.

Your Ad budget

You should expect to spend at least £800 on your Ads – this will likely scale as you grow.

Third-party platforms

To build the best solution for you, we may recommend third-party platforms that have separate costs.

Management fee

We charge a management fee of £799 per month. In a moment we’ll tell you what this includes.

Overall budget

Overall you should budget around £2000 per month for your marketing, including Ad spend, management, and other costs.

Management fee

We charge a simple monthly management fee that covers both paid and organic marketing.


per month

Paid advertising

We’ll design, write, schedule, and manage your Facebook Ads. This includes up to four campaigns per month.

Process solutions

We work with you to produce marketing solutions that make the most out of your campaigns.


We’ll keep on top of SEO as algorithms change, making sure on-page and technical SEO is current.

Additional costs

To create the best solution for your studio, we might recommend some extra services that aren’t included.

Website design

To attract business you need to look the part. We started our careers with website design so you can trust us to build your perfect website.

Graphic design

We include Ad design in our fee but marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, cards, etc will be quoted separately.

Blog content

Our fee includes building the strategy behind your blogs but unfortunately, we can’t include the time it takes to write them. We charge £99 per blog or you can write them yourself with our guidance.

Business coaching and sales training

We love sharing ideas as we find solutions for your marketing but our coaching will keep you on track with everything you need to do in order to grow.

Business coaching

Understand the health of your business and have someone onboard who holds you accountable for your growth, as well as motivates you.


per month

Sales training

You’ve mastered the art of photography but not everyone is a master at sales. Learn how to create an attractive sales environment and boost customer spending with no-pressure sales tactics.


per person, per session

FREE Strategy Planning Session

If you’re a photographer that has invested heavily in advice and it isn’t producing the promised returns, then it might be worth taking advantage of our FREE Strategy Planning Sessions.

Your current process

For us to truly help we need to understand what you’re doing and what you’ve been trying.

Plug the gaps

With our wide marketing knowledge we know all kinds of strategies and platforms to address any of your problems.

Identify the problems

We’ll pick through your process and see if we can find areas that might be having a negative impact.

Plan for success

We like to understand why you do what you do. This motivates you and us, to find the best ways to build your dream photography business.

Shoot us a message

If we’ve peaked your interest and you simply want to find out a little more, then please complete our form and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

Marketing for Photographers

We were created for photographers, by photographers.

Paid advertising

Planning, creating, writing, scheduling, and managing ads is time-consuming. Most photographers will run campaigns in waves, stopping when they get busy. Doing it this way is a nightmare for cashflow and that’s why outsourcing is a great option.

Our Paid Advertising Services includes…

  • Ad image design
  • Ad copywriting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ad management

Does not include Ad Spend.


You’ve got your paid advertising system running bringing in consistent and qualified leads, but what happens if you stopped those Ads? SEO is just as important as paid advertising to secure your position as an industry leader.

This package is our organic approach to lead generation and includes the following…

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content strategy
  • 2 blogs articles
  • Keyword tracking & opportunities
  • Access to business mentoring


We cater for all levels of professional photographers. Whether you’ve just started or you’re already established, we can help in some way.

For those that don’t quite have hte budget to outsource their marketing yet, we can offer you comprehensive marketing training and sales coaching.

We handle everything

We have refined a tried and tested system that requires as much input as you like. We are capable of doing everything including designing eye-catching graphics, writing compelling content and scheduling. In addition to this, we provide our clients with an area to manage their leads. The only service we don’t provide right now is contacting your leads.

Dedicated Account manager

You will have a dedicated account manager who is available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. They will be creating your campaigns, watching their performance, and monitoring the quality of the leads. They will contact you if something isn’t working and offer suggestions for new and existing campaigns.


We adapt our ad campaigns depending on what the data is telling us. If an Ad isn’t performing well, and it happens, we’re monitoring every stage of the sales funnel, so we can work out where we need to make adjustments.

Business Mentoring

On top of this, we offer mentoring for your photography businesses. We’ve met plenty of photographers who give up as soon as a campaign doesn’t work for them. Sometimes sales averages might drop. We’re here to mentor and motivate you through it all. We celebrate your highs and encourage you through the lows of running a business.

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