Facebook Ads For Studio and Professional Photographers

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that Facebook is dead. The biggest demographic on the platform is your ideal client. That’s 11.2 million users aged between 25 to 34. These are the people who are getting engaged, having babies, getting fur babies, exploring their confidence, and understanding the importance of their parents and grandparents.

Below we detail how we can give you back valuable time and stop you from wasting money on Ads that aren’t working.

What do we do?

The bottom line is, we can do everything for you. We know how your ideal clients think and how you like to speak to them.

Ad design

We know what attracts the attention of your perfect customers, without stepping away from your branding.

Ad scheduling

This can be a real headache. We’ll navigate the settings for you and set your Ads up for you.

Ad copywriting

When it comes to generating bookings and sales, it’s all about emotion and that starts with your Ad copy.

Ad management

Not all campaigns start perfectly. We’ll keep a close eye on your campaigns and respond quickly if we need too.

What else should you think about?

We manage your Facebook Ads for you but there are a few other things you might need to consider to make your marketing more effective.

Lead management

How you handle your leads is up to you, but we can make suggestions on how to store and manage your leads.


You may need to use an integration platform such as Zapier to help manage your leads and processes.

CRM system

Every business needs a solid customer relationship management system to run efficiently – we can make a few recommendations.


You could save a tonne of time by automating processes, workflows, and emails.

Check out our results!

Why outsource
paid advertising?

Are you spending thousands on advice, wasting hours trying to apply the theory, and throwing even more away on lead generation that isn’t working?

We're marketers first

Our background is marketing, not photography – which means we know more than what’s worked for one studio.

Everyone's different

There are too many variables to be able to apply one formula. We know other ways to address weaknesses.

We're adaptive

Marketing changes all the time and we’re keeping up with it. Platform and algorithm changes, design trends, you name it.

Greater returns

Outsourcing gives you time back and our knowledge will help you scale to the business you want.

FREE Strategy Planning Session

If you’re a photographer that has invested heavily in advice and it isn’t producing the promised returns, then it might be worth taking advantage of our FREE Strategy Planning Sessions.

Your current process

For us to truly help we need to understand what you’re doing and what you’ve been trying.

Plug the gaps

With our wide marketing knowledge we know all kinds of strategies and platforms to address any of your problems.

Identify the problems

We’ll pick through your process and see if we can find areas that might be having a negative impact.

Plan for success

We like to understand why you do what you do. This motivates you and us, to find the best ways to build your dream photography business.

Shoot us a message

If we’ve peaked your interest and you simply want to find out a little more, then please complete our form and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

Paid Advertising for Photographers

We were created for photographers by photographers.

Does this sound about right?

Lead Generation done right

When we speak to photographers about Facebook Advertising, we often hear negativity. Most allow for a couple of bad campaigns before giving up. The truth is, marketing campaigns take time. The time of year, local events, nationwide events, and economies can all affect how people respond to your adverts but the key to success is not giving up.

Our paid advertising service takes away the stress of running campaigns yourself. We can do it all. Every week we design new ad images, create new or adapt existing ad text, schedule campaigns, manage them whilst they run, and have your leads enter our lead capturing system (or sent to your own CRM).

When you went into photography, you likely wanted a lifestyle to go with it. We understand that the stress of lead generation is taking away that dream and that’s why we would always recommend outsourcing anything that gives you a headache.


Conversion rates above 20%


Returns of up to 6628%

Leads for clients as low as £1.58


“The Lead Source have changed my life. In one month alone I managed to turnover £20,000 from just spending £1500, including my ad spend.” 

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