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Search Engine Optimisation For Professional Photographers

Search Engine Optimisation aims to get you higher in search results. By carefully researching keywords and phrases you’ll be taking advantage of opportunities that competitors are missing.

It’s important to remember that SEO is a long-term strategy but the returns can be great once you’re up there – leads practically become free and of a higher quality.

Keep reading to learn about how we help our clients get found.

What do we do?

It takes years to master SEO and even when you’ve learned it all, the algorithm changes. Because we’re marketers, we keep on top of this ever-changing landscape.

Keyword opportunities

We’ll find the keywords and phrases that your competition is missing out on.

On-page SEO

Ensure that the content on your web pages is laid out and structured in ways that please Google.

Content strategy

Content is vital for an effective SEO strategy. We can give you guidance on what you should be writing about.

Keyword tracking

Tracking your keywords allows you to measure your success as well as identify areas that need attention.

Technical SEO

Meta descriptions, Alt-text, page speed – do these mean anything to you? We’ll help optimise this for you.

Why outsource SEO?

As we’ve already said, it takes years to master SEO. The tools to monitor your performance can also be pricey and producing the crucial content is time-consuming.

We're marketers first

Our background is marketing, not photography – which means we’re always keeping track of the changes within the industry.

Long-term gains

If you get SEO ‘right,’ then the returns will be huge. As long as you keep up with the algorithms, leads will almost be free!

Save time

Marketing changes all the time and we’re keeping up with it. Platform and algorithm changes, design trends, you name it.


We’re good at paid ads, but what if one day they stopped working? Having a solid SEO base will keep you protected!

FREE Strategy Planning Session

If you’re a photographer that has invested heavily in advice and it isn’t producing the promised returns, then it might be worth taking advantage of our FREE Strategy Planning Sessions.

Your current process

For us to truly help we need to understand what you’re doing and what you’ve been trying.

Plug the gaps

With our wide marketing knowledge we know all kinds of strategies and platforms to address any of your problems.

Identify the problems

We’ll pick through your process and see if we can find areas that might be having a negative impact.

Plan for success

We like to understand why you do what you do. This motivates you and us, to find the best ways to build your dream photography business.

Shoot us a message

If we’ve peaked your interest and you simply want to find out a little more, then please complete our form and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

SEO for Photographers

We were created for photographers by photographers.

Does this sound about right?

All-inclusive seo service

  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword opportunities
  • Copywriting

Why do you need SEO?

Picture this; You’ve been running paid advertising for a while and you’ve had great success, but bad months do happen, and purchase behaviours can be quite seasonal. Losing out on leads is obviously not good for cash flow – but if you can be sat at the top of Google, you won’t need to worry!

Search intent

The difference between SEO and Paid Ads is the search intent.
On Google, users are actively looking for your service.
When your site is sitting on Page 1, your website traffic will increase and therefore more people are seeing your brand.
More traffic generally means more enquiries. 


The great thing about SEO, is that’s its measurable. You can see the number of traffic coming in and the amounts of keywords Google is ranking you for in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


Some photographers have websites that are easy to chop and change at a moment’s notice. This is great for adapting to the data.
If traffic is coming in, but inquiries aren’t, we can see how users are interacting with your site and change the experience accordingly.


676% organic traffic
increase in 11 months

for one site alone



“The Lead Source have changed my life. In one month alone I managed to turnover £20,000 from just spending £1500, including my ad spend.” 

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